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Computer Systems

Das Computer Ltd install, configure and maintain top quality, dependable, reliable computer systems - servers, desktop computers, laptop computers, and networks. We specialise in using the linux operating system because it is simply the best operating system around for reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness. However, linux also interacts easily with other operating systems (e.g. Mac, and Windows) making it easy to have a mixed IT environment. A common first step from an 'all-windows' IT setup is to set up a linux server for emails, shared files, backups, intranet, etc. whilst keeping Windows or Mac on the existing client desktop and laptop computers. We are more than happy to support mixed IT environments, though we do suggest you try Linux on a desktop or laptop computer. Find out more about our servers and desktops and laptops, and why small and large business owners and managers shoulder consider using Linux.

What are the advantages of Using linux for servers, desktop computers, and laptop computers?

  • Save Money on License Fees - Linux and open-source software are developed by the community, for the community - the operating system and software is free from licence fees. Many large well-known companies and organisations such as IBM, Hewlett Packard (HP), Google, and many others, use linux, contribute to its development, and lead important projects. This model of software development is akin to sharing knowledge in education and research.
  • Save Money on Hardware - Linux is efficient and so older hardware remains useful and productive for longer, and you are not forced to upgrade to newer hardware. A modern Linux system and software can be used on systems where the latest editions of Windows could not even be installed!
  • Better Security / More Reliable Computers - Linux is incredibly stable, secure and reliable. You lose less working time to viruses, other malware, and system slowdown and faults. Once set up, a linux system will run and run without becoming infected and without gradually getting slower and slower. Until recently, Google employees used a mixture of Linux, Mac, and Windows workstations, but now Google have decided to stop using Windows workstations due to the security risks.

Linux is already a common, arguably dominant, operating system for servers, supercomputers / clusters, and embedded devices, and its use on desktops and laptops is growing. Both government agencies and industries are increasingly looking to linux for a cost-effective reliable IT infrastucture.

Dr. Alex Sheppard