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Data Backup

Backing up your essential data is very important. Though the risk of data loss is small, the consequences can be huge making simple affordable data backup a very worthwhile investment. Das Computer Ltd can setup whatever backup configurations and schedules suit the needs of your business, organisation, or family.

Onsite Backup

We recommend that you have an automated backup routine within your office (e.g. key data copied to a second disk in your server on a weekly basis) which will protect from accidental damage and disk failure.

Offsite Backup

Additionally, you might want an offsite backup service. This would involve a regular secure transfer of your key data to a Das Computer Ltd server. Unlike onsite backup, offsite backup guards against theft, fire, flood, and other incidents that could affect all your office servers and workstations. We recommend that this is also setup as an automated daily or weekly transfer.

We also provide interactive internet file storage, which is great for manual backups of specific files, and also for making files available at any location. Have you ever forgotten the USB stick that had your presentation on it? Next time, you could upload the presentation to your internet storage account, and log in to retrieve it at your destination.