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IT Support

Using our linux servers and linux desktops and laptops will save you money on IT Support because of the great security and reliability of linux. Also, linux is easy to maintain remotely over a secure connection. This means that, often, computer maintenance tasks can often be carried out without a visit to your premises, saving time and callout charges. Please contact us for a free consulation / quote regarding the best IT Support arrangement for your business.

We can also provide support for your Windows computers - many clients like to use our linux servers along with their existing Windows XP or Windows 7 computers. Although we prefer Linux desktops and laptops for the sake of security and reliability, we are happy provide support for this fully-compatible combination.

Please contact us for a free consulation / quote regarding the best IT Support arrangement for your business. Feel free to enquire about holistic support for your IT systems or specific support tasks.

IT Support Payment Schemes

  • Monthly Fee - We recommend a fixed monthly maintenance fee based on the size and complexity of your setup (e.g. £50 per month for a small office with 1 server and 4 workstations). The benefit of this scheme is the consistency of your monthly expenditure, making budgeting for your IT Support much easier.
  • Pay As You Go - Alternatively, you simply pay per hour of our time that we spend on supporting your IT systems. Depending on whether a visit to your premises is required and the location of your premises, callout charges may be applicable. For some tasks, Das Computer Ltd will give you a fixed quote for a specific maintenance task based on the estimated time required. In other cases however, tasks may be more open-ended.

If you have computer problems, maybe you need a simple portable system that will let you access your files on a crashed computer, access the internet, and work with your documents. DasLin would be the perfect solution - allowing you to continue with your day to day computing tasks whilst you arrange for your system to be fixed.