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With the security, reliabilty, and efficiency of Linux, these servers will run and run, providing business and home computer users with the network services they need. Please contact us to discuss your server requirements and / or request a quote.

Small Business Server

Small and medium-sized businesses typically require a handfull of services from a single server - emails and mail routing, shared calendars, file-sharing, intranet, databases, and so on. Many businesses will be familiar with Microsoft's small business server or the full-blown server, and how Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SQL server must be purchased seperately, and how you must pay more to have more users or devices connect to your server.

Linux servers can easily be used in place of Microsoft servers, and in many ways are superior. A single server can provide any combination of the common services that small businesses require, without any need for mail and database servers to be separate, and with no arbirtary restriction on the numbers of computers and users that can connect. These all-in-one server solutions may also be suitable for more demanding home networks.

Custom Server

Sometimes businesses (especially larger businesses) will require a very particular server setup - perhaps a custom service or a dedicated mail server for high volumes of mail. With the knowledge of Das Computer Ltd and the flexibility of Linux, we can set up the server(s) to meet your needs.