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Das Computer Ltd can provide Birmingham and Oxford (and beyond!) businesses, and home users, with desktop and laptop computers to fit their computing needs. We can provide new machines or you may choose to have us install linux on your existing machines. Compared to Windows XP or Windows 7, you make substantial savings by avoiding license fees for the operating system, office software and antivirus software. Because linux is so reliable and secure, you also save time and money on keeping your computers up to date and running smoothly (see IT Support for maintenance options). These workstations, when combined with our linux servers form a complete professional IT environment.

Business and home users will appreciate the reliability of Linux - turning your computer on and knowing that it will start up in reasonable time and just work day after day after day. The layout of system menus and application interfaces are simple and familiar - even novice users that have only known windows adapt easily.

We use Debian, a long-established and well-reputed 'flavour' of linux, as standard for desktops and laptops. Our linux desktops and laptops provide the key features detailed below. If you have any questions about these or other features, don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

  • Reliable and consistent performance - your computer will continue to work smoothly. It won't slow down over time for no particular reason like some operating systems seem to do.
  • Efficiency - older machines will remain productive for basic tasks such as email, office documents, and internet - machines on which Windows Vista and Windows 7 could not even be installed! Newer machines will be positively snappy!
  • Security - unlike Microsoft Windows, linux is secure against viruses and other malware. Linux is incredibly difficult to hack or infect - you don't even need run antivirus software.
  • Connectivity - easy connection to wired and wireless networks, and access to network services.
  • Applications - reliable, easy to use applications help your business operations go quickly and smoothly. There are very many high quality, open-source applications for everything from office and internet, to science and statistics, to graphics and media, to accounting. Due to growing usage of linux, many major proprietary software companies also offer linux versions of their applications.
  • File Formats - open-source software is often the best for supporting standard approved file formats, as well as common file formats used by other software. This means it is easy for you to share documents with people using other systems and software. For example, OpenOffice can read and write in Microsoft Office's document, spreadsheet, and presentation formats. Interestingly, Microsoft Office now supports the odf document format anyway (an established document standard that is the default format for OpenOffice).


business workstation debian login screenshot
A simple friendly login screen.
business workstation debian desktop screenshot
A clean desktop, with icons for commonly used applications (office, email, internet). A full menu of installed applications is available from the top panel.
business workstation debian desktop screenshot
A new office document and an internet page. OpenOffice is easy to use for anyone familiar with MS Office. The web browser is Mozilla Firefox, renamed as Iceweasel.

If your Windows system breaks down and you urgently need to work on your files and / or access to the internet, you might want to try DasLin: the computer on a stick.