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  • created: 10:41:42, Tuesday 22 February 2011


    Press Release: Today, February 22nd 2011, is the day to change your IT infrastructure!

    There is a strong and growing demand for more cost effective, efficient and secure IT systems from both small and medium-sized businesses across the UK. What is missing is that business owners and managers are not aware that Linux exists and provides a very competitive alternative to Microsoft.

    Linux has a strong established reputation within the IT industry and has been adopted by many businesses and government agencies on a European and international level to include: the City of Munich, US Postal Service and the French government.

    Das Computer Ltd, a Birmingham-based company that specialise in providing Linux and open-source IT systems would encourage all business owners to examine the options available to them, when it comes to choosing or developing their IT infrastructure, rather than simply assuming that Microsoft is the only way. The Linux operating system and other open-source software is developed by a vast international community of developers and users, with many projects lead, sponsored, and contributed to, by major companies such as IBM and Google.

    What are the benefits?

    • High quality software without license fees.
    • The license-fee savings from using Linux and open-source instead of Microsoft's products could be thousands of pounds for a new small business setting up only a server or two and a handful of desktop systems with office software. Existing businesses could save hundreds or thousands of pounds when adding, 'upgrading', or replacing servers or workstations.
    • Greater security and reliability
    • The greater security and reliability gives peace of mind that data and documents are safe. This also means fewer annoying interruptions to business operations. Linux is so secure that it doesn't need antivirus software and its reliability is one of the prime reasons for its widespread use for internet servers where uptime (length of time without crashing or rebooting) is crucial.
    • A comprehensive range of software
    • Linux and open-source offer software to perform all your common, and not so common computing tasks from working with office documents, emails, and running your servers, to scientific research, statistical analysis, or even 3D animation - all free from license fees.
    • Do not need to upgrade hardware so frequently
    • In addition to the license fee savings, businesses can also save money by not having to upgrade their hardware so frequently (Linux is efficient and so older hardware remains usable for longer).
    • Improved functionality
    • The flexibility of Linux allows systems to be more freely configured to suit their function, rather than being constrained to how Microsoft thinks it should be configured. It also supports standard protocols allowing communication with other systems - a mixture of Linux, Mac, and Windows workstations can easily be connected to a Linux server, which might be a permanent arrangement or a stage in a gradual transition to Linux.

    Das Computer Ltd ( are a Birmingham-based company that specialise in providing Linux and open-source IT systems.

    For further information please contact:

    Dr. Alex Sheppard
    Das Computer Ltd
    0775 1074054

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