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  • created: 20:44:48, Sunday 27 February 2011


    Rescue files and work on any computer with 'DasLin - a computer system and software on a usb stick.'

    A computer crash is inconvenient at the best of times, but what if you need to finish your report or presentation, or get online urgently? You can access your files and work on them using DasLin, an-easy-to use operating system on a usb stick. Plug DasLin into your crashed computer, find your files and work on them using DasLin's included office suite, or get online with wired and wireless networking, and the super-fast Chromium web browser.

    Its unfortunate, its annoying, it shouldn't happen, ... but it does. Sometimes your computer crashes, or perhaps becomes so slow its unusable - these are common symptoms of viruses and malware on a Microsoft Windows system. Whether you are using Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7, its an ongoing battle to keep your computer free of viruses, and running smoothly; Every now and then something slips through and you have a crashed, infected, or slow computer. In accordance with Murphy's law, this seems to happen at the most inconvenient times - when you really need to work on a report or presention, or you need to stay online to keep up to date with people and events - what do you do!?!?

    What if there was an easy-to-use system completely contained on a USB stick? You could boot up from that and it wouldn't matter that your installed system had crashed. You could still access the files on your hard disk and work on them, and you could still get online. This is exactly what DasLin is, and what it can do for you.

    Just plug in and boot up DasLin to browse the internet, access your files, work with office documents, and play music and videos.

    DasLin has been designed for normal computer users - don't have to be a computer expert to use it. Regular computer users will have no trouble in performing their everyday tasks like working with office documents, browsing the internet, and watching videos.

    The key features of DasLin are these:

    • Easy to use - its designed for ordinary computer users
    • Boots fast and runs fast - who likes waiting??
    • Includes software for your usual computing tasks - office, internet, video etc.
    • Portable - take it anywhere, use it on friends' computers

    DasLin: Operating System on a USB stick DasLin: USB Operating System

    DasLin is priced at £50, and gives you a system, including software, that's ready to boot on almost any computer. Compare this to the prices of other operating systems and software, and the costs of having someone install or repair a system for you (~£200 for Microsoft Windows and Office).

    Find out more about DasLin.

    DasLin is available direct from Das Computer Ltd and also from Midlands Computer Exchange.

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  • comment by: A Lecturer, 13:45:10, Monday 30 May 2011

    2 weeks ago, one of my students had problems with their laptop - it was running slow and sometimes freezing altogether. Really not good as the student had several looming deadlines and all their part-completed work saved on the laptop! DasLin saved the day! He just plugged in DasLin, booted up and was able to get working on his assignments straight away. Now, 2 weeks on, he is still using DasLin as his everyday system on that same laptop. DasLin was quicker and cheaper than messing around with trying to get Windows repaired!