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  • created: 13:21:06, Friday 20 May 2011


    DasLin: Your Computer on a Stick - is a fast operating system, including software, that is contained on a USB stick. People use it to boot up fast, get online fast, watch video / listen to music, work with office documents, and rescue files from crashed computers. DasLin now has support for Broadcom wireless network cards in addition to the wide variety of hardware already supported.

    Some operating systems require you to scour the internet for device drivers to install before everything is functional. DasLin is designed to support as wide a range of computer hardware as possible, so that you can plug it in to any computer knowing that it will 'just work' - without you having to fiddle around with drivers.

    The vast majority of common components in Desktop and Laptop PCs have been supported by DasLin from the start. However, Broadcom wireless cards (found in some computers) were not supported 'out of the box' because Broadcom do not allow redistribution of the firmware required by these devices in the form required. Now, this firmware is included with DasLin in the state that Broadcom allows, along with a simple utility to setup the firmware ready for use. Also, there is a new driver, with firmware already set up, which works without any setup with some newer Broadcom wireless devices. Happy wireless networking to those Broadcom wireless cards!!

    Buy DasLin online, or find out more about DasLin: Your Computer on a Stick.

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