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  • created: 09:09:11, Monday 27 June 2011


    A Birmingham small business saved £1000 (so far!) by opting for a Linux server from Das Computer Ltd (compared to a Microsoft Small Business Server solution). Not only are Linux servers, secure, efficient, and reliable, they are also cheaper. As well as the initial savings on licenses, a Linux server will continue to save you money (on hardware and software upgrades, and maintenance) in the months and years to come.

    A small business in birmingham required a server for their office to provide file-sharing, email services, calendar services, and coordinated backup functions. Using Debian Linux, Das Computer Ltd were able to provide such a server without incurring a penny of licensing costs, thus saving about £1000 in upfront costs (as detailed below). In contrast to Microsoft Server Solutions, Debian Linux has no upfront license fees, no restricted functionality, no access license fees, and no upgrade license fees. It also interoperates easily with client computers with different operating systems. This business connects to the server using their existing Windows Vista and Windows 7 clients, though they could easily add Linux and Mac workstations in the future.

    Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 comes in several different versions, with different price tags and feature sets. You have to be careful to ensure that the version purchased has all the features you'll need for the forseeable future, otherwise you end up having to pay more for an upgrade to less restricted version later.

    The cheaper Microsoft Small Business Server 'Essentials' lacks exchange (Microsoft's take on an email server) and a web server, and so the Birmingham business in question would have required Microsoft Small Business Server 'Standard' costing £586.99. However, client access licenses are required with this version, only 5 are included, and this business has 7 users with workstations and also 3 printers to connect to their server, and also several further users with email accounts. Another 2 sets of 5 client access licenses would have set them back another £413.98. So, a Microsoft Server Solution would have cost them a total of £1000.97 in license fees!!

    The license fee costs would not necessarily stop there for the Microsoft Small Business Server. If more staff joined the business, more client access licenses would have to be purchased. If more features and functionality is required in the future, they might need to purchase the license for 'Premium Add-ons'. Eventually, Microsoft will release a new version of the Small Business Server, and at some point security updates for the current version would cease; the business would have to purchase the upgrade to the new version od Small Business Server in order to keep their server secure.

    By opting for a Linux server from Das Computer Ltd, this Birmingham small business have acquired a secure, reliable server for their business operations that interoperates smoothly with their existing Windows client computers, and have also saved themselves £1000 compared to the Microsoft Server Solutions offered to small businesses by most IT vendors.

    Find out more about Das Computer Ltd's computer systems, and our servers in particular. Contact us for a quote or to discuss your requirements.

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