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  • created: 00:07:01, Tuesday 28 June 2011


    DasLin: Your Computer on a Stick is a light and fast operating system - even 10 year old laptops become usable and productive again. Computers too old to boot directly from a USB stick can still use DasLin by using the DasLin boot CD.

    Many homes have older computers. Some might still be in use, but straining along at a frustratingly low speed. Others might be shoved in a drawer or under the bed, considered no longer usable. Whilst some home users might be quite demanding of their computers, many simply want to be able to browse the internet, read and edit documents, and send and receive emails; why should these users need to upgrade to modern hardware simply to do basic computing? With DasLin, they don't have to!

    DasLin is efficient enough to be usable on computers that are 10 years old. Dr. Alex Sheppard, managing director of Das Computer Ltd sometimes uses DasLin as a quick convenient system on a 2003 laptop with only 512MB ram and finds it quite snappy compared to more modern hardware running more heavyweight operating systems. Even a 2001 laptop with an 800MHz processor and only 256MB ram is perfectly usable for basic computing with DasLin.

    Keep in mind that DasLin is a modern operating system, currently shipping with the 2.6.38 version of the Linux kernel (released in 2011). Modern Windows systems (e.g. Vista / 7) would not even install on some older computers where Daslin performs well. Windows XP might install, but it is far from modern (2001!), and whilst it might perform ok in its 'fresh' state, most of us have suffered the slowdown of Windows XP once all the latest updates have been applied, antivirus has been installed, and it has been used for a few months. If you want good performance for standard computing tasks on older hardware, choose DasLin!

    DasLin: Your Computer on a Stick can boot directly on computers that support USB booting - that's almost any computer from about 2006 onwards. For older computers, you can use a DasLin boot CD to begin the boot sequence - it then hands over to the DasLin USB stick leaving the CD / DVD drive free for other purposes such as playing media or burning discs. If you require a DasLin boot CD for use with computers older than about 2006, there are many ways to acquire one:

    • Buy one from your DasLin vendor.
    • Boot DasLin on a more modern computer first, and burn your own boot CD
    • Plug your DasLin USB stick into a running Windows computer and burn your own boot CD
    • Download the DasLin Boot CD image for free, and burn your own CD.

    Burn boot CD in DasLin Burn your own DasLin boot cd from within DasLin Burn boot CD in DasLin Burn your own DasLin boot cd in Windows

    DasLin is perfect for keeping older computers useful, productive, and even snappy for everyday computing tasks. Find out more about DasLin, or order DasLin online.

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