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  • created: 16:39:29, Thursday 1 September 2011


    In an article in the Washington Post, Bryan Krebs explains how on-line bank fraud is often perpetrated through the bank account holder's infected Windows computer. He concludes that the easiest and cheapest way to avoid the security problems of Microsoft Windows is to use Linux instead!

    Here is the Washington Post Article.

    Some viruses, and other malware that can infect Microsoft Windows systems, make themselves very obvious by playing havoc with files, redirecting your browser, making applications crash etc. Whilst these are very annoying, at least you know you have them - you can set about trying to clean them out. Others however, keep a much lower profile, silently monitoring your web traffic and your keystrokes and sending the information to people who are not very nice. By not making themselves obvious to the user, these infections get to stay on a computer for longer - the user doesn't know anything is wrong until those irregular bank or credit card transactions start to appear on their statements.

    Linux is an incredibly secure operating system. Linux began in 1991, and was conceived as a secure, networked system from the start. We recommend replacing Windows with Linux if you are serious about computer security for your home or business. Linux is easy to use and has applications for all your computing needs, from office and email software, to media, and data analysis - some of which you might have already used on Windows (e.g. Firefox and Chrome web browsers).

    Das Computer Ltd can advise you about using Linux and provide services such as installation and configuration. Here are a few options for using Linux:

    • Remove Windows and replace it with Linux.
    • Install Linux alongside Windows - this is useful if you have very specific Windows-only software that you really can't do without.
    • Use DasLin: Your Computer On a Stick - just plug in and boot up for fast and secure computing on any computer, whenever you need it.

    Contact Das Computer Ltd to find out more about how you can benefit from switching to Linux, and how we can help you put Linux in place in your business or home.

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