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AASE-Book is a web application that supports 'Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence' (AASE) programmes. AASE-Book is feature-rich but still easy to use, and helps administrators, assessors, coaches, and athletes fulfill the requirements of AASE, and has been used by England Basketball to great effect from 2009.

AASE-Book: England Basketball
AASE-Book: England Basketball.

"Having [an AASE-specific] online recording system has helped us to contextualize the NVQ into a format that not only engages with students but also provides the coaches with a facility to share ideas and deliver a consistent approach.

Das Computer Ltd offer 24hr technical support and continue to work closely with England Basketball to develop and enhance the AASE-Book experience."

Charlie Ford
AASE Administrator
England Basketball

The AASE-Book feature set is tuned to the requirements of AASE*. Das Computer Ltd will continue to develop AASE-Book in accordance with the requirement of its users. Current features include:

  • Easy to Administer - User accounts are easily managed and information is easily disseminated to users.
  • Evidence Recording - AASE-BOOK encourages and facilitates athletes to record the important aspects of their development and training.
  • Goal-Oriented Development - Training and development activities and schedules are organised around short, medium, and long term goals, and reviews of these goals.
  • Easy Communication - Users can communicate via messaging (includes attaching resources) or via a live chat facility. Messaging and chat can be restricted if desired.
  • Resources - Users can upload resources (video, audio, images, documents, web-links), link them to goals and training activities, and share them with other users.
  • Easy Assessment - Coaches and assessors can view the goals, training, and resources of specified athletes. This greatly enhances the convience of monitoring and assessing athletes.
  • Fast Workflow - AASE-Book provides an easy parallel workflow. It presents as a virtual desktop and allows for the use of multiple 'applications' at the same time. E.g. An athlete might want to view a video clip of a previous performance, and chat with their coach, whilst completing their goals for the coming year.

Priced at either £8000 or £2500 per year*, AASE-Book is very cost-effective compared to other online training planning / collaboration solutions. Custom payment arrangements may may also be considered. Don't hesitate to contact Das Computer Ltd if you have any questions about AASE-Book's features or pricing options.

AASE-Book: Multiple Applications
AASE-Book: Account, Chat, and Resources. AASE-Book: Goals and Activities
AASE-Book: Goals and Activities. AASE-Book: Calendar
AASE-Book: Training Calendar.

* refers to AASE-Book current version (version 2)