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Your computer on a stick!

Use DasLin when your computer has crashed, is infected, or is just too slow. DasLin lets you carry on with your everyday computing tasks (e.g. surfing the internet, working with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, playing music + video), and access your files on the hard disk - even when your computer has crashed. You can even use DasLin to scan for viruses and fix your crashed or infected computer. DasLin is your computer on a stick - just plug in and boot up!!

Order DasLin Now direct from Das Computer Ltd. For trade enquiries, and enquiries about customised versions of DasLin, please contact Das Computer Ltd.

Sian Harrison, Teacher: "DasLin is easy and simple to use, with an amazingly quick start-up. I use it to surf the net, chat, send e-mails and watch programmes online. Windows used to crash on me sometimes, but DasLin doesn't."


DasLin: USB Operating System A simple uncluttered desktop - ready to use in < 30 seconds. DasLin: USB Operating System Browse the internet with the super-fast Chromium web browser. DasLin: USB Operating System Work on office documents. DasLin: USB Operating System Browse and access files, including those on the hard disk. Watch videos / listen to music.

See DasLin boot up and open a web browser in 35 seconds!


  • Easy to Use - DasLin has a simple desktop layout without clutter.
  • Fast - It boots to a 'ready desktop' in less than 30 seconds on lower-spec laptops, other systems may be even faster. Applications also start fast and run fast. Less waiting for your computer to be ready.
  • Portable - You can take your DasLin system in your pocket and use it on any computer*, even computers where the operating system has crashed! Of course there is no restrictive software license preventing you from using DasLin on as many computers as you like.
  • File Space - In a addition to the DasLin system itself, you have 3GB of file space for storing files. You can also save file to the hard disk of the computer.
  • Rescues Files - What do you do if your Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7 has crashed? Maybe your urgently need to access and work on your documents? Just plug in and boot up DasLin. You can access files on the hard disk and edit them using the office software included with DasLin.
  • Repair Windows - You want to repair Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7? DasLin includes a virus scanner for cleaning Windows systems. Also, you can edit the Windows systems files, and browse the internet for further advice.
  • Software Included - DasLin includes software for your daily computing tasks that you would carry out on any operating system. You get office software, audio / video software, and the superfast Chromium web browser for surfing the internet. DasLin supports both wired and wireless internet access.
  • Encryption Available - Some users will be happy with a system that boots straight to a usable desktop without having to enter a password. Other users or organisations will be concerned with keeping their information safe and secure. DasLin can easily be set up with password encrytion to protect saved files, internet history, and any other details of usage. Your data is secure.
  • Custom / Corporate Builds - Customised versions of DasLin are available for bulk orders. For example, businesses or organisations might wish to supply their workers or customers with DasLin systems with their own branding or certain files preloaded and placed on the desktop.

* Boots on any desktop or laptop computer with an Intel or Amd PC processor. DasLin can be used with older computers that cannot boot directly from a USB device (computers earlier than about 2006) by using the DasLin Boot CD - ask for a CD when you purchase DasLin. You might want to read more about using DasLin with older computers.

Compare Prices

DasLin Typical Home Computer Setup
Operating System £50 £112.95** (Windows 7 Home Premium)
Software Web Browser, Office Software, and Media Player Included. £74.99** for Microsoft Office. Web Browser and Media Player Included.
Installation DasLin is already installed and configured on the USB stick. Included only when buying a pre-installed new computer. Installation may cost ~£50.
Antivirus Not Required. Requires free or purchased antivirus software. May cost ~£50 to repair and clean up infections.
Total £50 £187.94
not including installation, antivirus, or repairs.

** Prices from on 8th April 2011.

Get DasLin Now - £50 (inc. postage within UK)

Get DasLin today! Impress your friends with how fast and easy your computer is to use, and 'save the day' by accessing those important files on crashed computers.

You can buy DasLin direct from Das Computer Ltd. Your transaction is processed via PayPal so you know it is safe. PayPal can process one-off credit and debit card payments if you do not have a PayPal account.

DasLin: Operating System on a USB stick Your computer on a stick! DasLin in laptop Holding DasLin

You only need the Boot CD if you plan to use DasLin with older computers that cannot boot directly from USB. Alternatively, you could download the DasLin Boot CD image and burn a CD yourself. If you are unhappy with DasLin, please let us know and return your DasLin stick undamaged within 7 days. You will receive a full refund less postage costs.

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If you have any particular questions or requests regarding DasLin, for which you'd like a direct personal response, please contact Das Computer Ltd.