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Miscellaneous Services and Products

Das Computer Ltd have a few other products and services that are more difficult to categorise. Some of these are detailed below. We have knowledge and expertise in many IT-related disciplines, so no matter how unique your project, we might be able to help you. Contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements.

Data Analysis Services

Das Computer Ltd can provide data analysis services and programming services for the development of new data analysis routines for your use. If you need some numerical / statistical analysis, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Some analysis previously undertaken by Dr. Alex Sheppard involved analysing the movements of sportspeople to help improve performance and reduce injury. Also, some visualation software was written from which this video was created.

Data Analysis Products: Transpose - free download

'Transpose' is a small program aimed at advanced users with larger sets of tabulated data. Often, with repeated data analysis routines, data files are written line by line (i.e. row by row) as each repetition completes. Sometimes however, this data needs to be transposed (i.e. the dataset rotated such that rows are switched with columns) for the following stage of analysis. Whilst some data analysis software packages can perform this operation, most do it rather inefficiently. 'Transpose' performs this (and some other data reshaping operations) quickly and efficiently. Also, as a command-line program, it can easily be incorporated into scripts along with other operations on the data. Das Computer Ltd have made 'Transpose' available for free - download the transpose source code and Windows 32bit binary.

Basic transpose usage on an example dataset.

Educational Games

Das Computer Ltd have created three self-contained web-page games that illustrate some principles of human movement performance. These can be downloaded and used offline:

  • 'Clicker' is a fun game to illustrate some of the challenges faced in the stimulus identification stage (of the information processing model) of human actions. You can manipulate the number of distractors and the color of the distractors to alter the difficulty of the task. This simple game is most enjoyable when played on an interactive white board. 'Clicker' is a self-contained web page, so you can download it for offline use.
  • 'Fitts' is a simple tool to test / demonstrate Fitts' law of movement speed and accuracy. In the original equation, Movement Time = a + b * log2(2 * Movement Amplitude / Target Width), whereas in a revised form (the Shannon formulation) MT = a + b * log2(1 + A / W). 'Fitts' is a self-contained web page, so you can download it for offline use.
  • 'Stroop & Hicks' can be used to demonstrate the Stroop Effect and / or Hick's Law. The Stroop Effect is a example of interference (conflicting information) on the response selection stage within the information processing model of human movement. It takes longer to react to the colour written asa word when the word is written in a conflicting text colour. Hick's Law describes the effect of the number of response options on reaction time. When there are more options, it takes longer to decide on your response.