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Web File Storage

Web File Storage is coming soon - contact us if you are interested in this service.

Storing files on an internet server is a great alternative or addition to storage devices such as USB sticks. You can use it as a backup space or simply as a 'portable' storage device. Rather than carry your files to a meeting on a USB stick (be careful not to lose it or forget it!), you can upload the file to your web storage and once at your meeting venue, log in to your web storage and retrieve your file. The web storage service boasts the following features:

  • Mapped / Mounted Drives - for maximum convenience, your web storage can be accessed as a mapped / mounted drive (just like your local network drives) on your home and office computers.
  • Web Access - From other computers, you can access your web storage by logging in with a web browser.
  • Encrypted Transfer - 256bit encryption available for both login and file transfers.
  • Optional Backups - For an additional fee, we can automically store regular backup versions of your files.
  • Low Cost - Standard price is 50p per Gigabyte per month (e.g. 10GB storage for 1 year costs £60). Please contact us to discuss discounted rates for larger amounts of storage.

If you are interested in routine automated backups of your office or home systems and data, see our data backup for computer systems or contact Das Computer Ltd to discuss your requirements.