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Web Design, Web Development, Internet Hosting

One of Das Computer Ltd's specialities is bespoke website design and development. Whether you want a simple attractive website on a budget, or a featured-loaded interactive site (sometimes called web applications), we can create it for you. For businesses, a website is a key opportunity to attract and inform your potential cusomers, or provide online booking or order tracking services. Individuals, families, clubs, and other organisations may have diverse requirements from a website - no prolem, we can create it for you.

Das Computer Ltd also provide internet hosting at affordable prices. Many customers enjoy the simplicity of having the web design and development, and the hosting, handled by us. This relieves the customer of the burden of liasing and coordinating between the designer and the host - and they can be sure that the site created for them will be compatible with the software available on the hosting server.

Please contact us to discuss your wesite requirements.