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Web Applications

'Web Application' is term used to refer to a website that doesn't simply display static information. Web applications involve user interaction, and usually perform some useful function. For example, a websites that allow customers to book a table at a resaurant, track the progress of an order, or convert files from one format to another, could all be called web applications.

Web applications rely on the integration of several technologies and programming languages in order to perform the required functions and present the user interface in the web browser. Das Computer Ltd have expertise in many programming languages and thus can create web applications with novel and complex functionality if required. From our previous experience, we have also honed our judgement regarding how to present complex funcationality to the user in a clear and intuiitive way.

Web applications depend heavily on the software available on the hosting server. We encourage you to also consider asking Das Computer Ltd to host the web applications we create for you. This will ensure that all the required software is both available and set up to be compatible with your web application.

Contact us to discuss what you need from your web application.

Web Application Example: AASE-Book

AASE-Book is a very interactive web application with a great deal of functionality presented in an intuititive manner. AASE-Book presents with a familiar desktop-like layout, with the different activities that a user might perform arranged as separate applications. This allows the user to work with a more natural parrallel workflow; For example, an athlete might be setting their goals for the coming year, but want to chat (confer) with their coach whilst doing so. Click here for further information about AASE-Book or to arrange a demonstration.

AASE-Book: Multiple Applications
AASE-Book: A desktop-like layout with multiple 'applications'.