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Web Design

The design of a website is crucial; a website needs to be attractive to its visitors but also intuitive and easy to navigate. We can create elegant modern designs and layouts from scratch, or we can implement your design ideas and existing graphics. Contact us to discuss your website design requirements. Sites that require updating regularly can be built with appropriate content management systems.

Das Computer Ltd also provide internet hosting, making us a 'one stop shop' for transforming your website idea into a live website.

Here are a few examples of web design work projects by Das Computer Ltd:

Vijay's Clothing

Vijays is a family run designer clothing store in, Edgbaston, Birmingham. Vijays approached Das Computer Ltd already having some ideas for the design of a website. Together, we refined the design and Das Computer Ltd created it.

Vijays Clothing homepage
Vijays Clothing homepage. Detailed view of an item
Viewing products.

The InterCollegiate Tour

The InterCollegiate Tour (ICT) is a college golf tour for students in the UK. Das Computer Ltd was asked to create a website for the ICT that would be used to disseminate information about the overall tour and activity within the tour's regions, such as fixtures, results, and overall standings. The site also includes a content management system with regional administrator accounts, which allows the tour organisers to enter and edit teams, players, fixtures, news, and results. Results are automatically aggregated summarised for display of overall team and individual results.

The ICT home page
The ICT home page. ICT results from area 'E'
ICT results from Area 'E'.

SA Tutoring (SA Top-Up Educational Service Ltd))

SA Tutoring provide tutoring in and around Birmingham. They wanted a clear, simple site to make potential customers aware of their services, and also provide a convenient reference and contact point. Das Computer Ltd designed and created the website at around this brief and the logo colouring.

SA Tutoring Website - Tutoring in and around birmingham.
SA Tutoring home page.

Beechwood Fire Ltd

Beechwood Fire Ltd: Fire Safety Specialists are a Birmingham (Kings Heath) company that provide a multitude of fire safety products and services. They required a basic website to describe what they do, list their products, and provide contact details - all on a small budget.

Beechwood Fire Ltd Website
The Beechwood Fire Ltd home page. Beechwood Fire Ltd Website
The Product Listings at Beechwood Fire Ltd.


AASE-Book is a web application to facilitate the Advanced Apprenticeships in Sporting Excellence scheme. Features include goal oriented training, communication and collaboration between coaches and atheletes, uploading and sharing of resources. Englandbasketball are in their second year of using AASE-Book to support the England Basketball AASE scheme.

Click here for further information about AASE-BOOK, or contact Das Computer Ltd to arrange a demonstration.

AASE-Book login page
Englandbasketball AASE-Book login page.