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Welcome to Das Computer Ltd: Home Users

Desktop and Laptop Computers

Choose Das Computer Ltd to install an easy-to-use Linux operating systems on your home computer(s) gives you a faster, more secure, more reliable everday computing experience.

Home computing should be simple. Most home users tire of their Windows operating systems becoming slow and / or crashing, the pain of endless virus scans, and worry of whether you are infected with spyware when logging into your banking websites. A Linux system on your home desktop or laptop computer puts an end to these. For about the price of having windows repaired, you can have a Linux operating system, along with all the software you need for web browsing, emailing, watching videos, listening to music, and working with documents AND access to a vast repository of free software for other tasks. Linux is perfect for users that want a system that boots fast, runs smoothly, and just keeps on working without crashes, slowdown, or viruses. Another advantage of Linux is that it is more efficient than Windows - your aging computers will still be usable and you are not forced to buy a new computer in order to have a modern operating system and software.

For those users who are nervous about moving away from the Windows operating system that they are familair with, Linux can be installed alongside Windows. This would allow you to try Linux and become familiar with you new Linux system gradually. Most Windows users that are willing to try Linux end up liking it and valuing their new 'trouble-free' computing.

For home users, Das Computer Ltd recommend Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux, or Arch Linux, depending on the age and speed of your computer and your computing needs. Talk to us and we will select the right one for you, install it, and set it up for you.

DasLin: Your Computer on a Stick!

DasLin is a fast computer system for your everyday computing tasks (e.g. surfing the internet, working with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, playing music + video) all contained on a USB stick. It can also be used to rescue files from crashed computers.

Home computer users who want to perform everyday tasks such as browse the internet, watch videos, check hotmail / googlemail, use facebook, read pdf files, and edit office documents will find DasLin well suited to their needs. It boots up really fast, and you can carry it in your pocket to use on as many different computers as you like.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, no matter how simple or complex.

Dr. Alex Sheppard